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Generator Safety - A MUST SEE

(November 29, 2017)  As portable generators become more commonplace as a backup source for power, families that use them during a power outage should be extremely cautious. When used or installed incorrectly, they can cause serious injury and even death.

  • To prevent electric shock, make sure your generator is properly grounded.
  • Operate electric generators or other fuel-powered machines outside where deadly carbon monoxide fumes cannot enter the home. Do not use a generator in an attached garage.
  • Individual appliances should be plugged directly into the receptacle outlet of the generator using appropriately sized extension cords to carry the electric load. Make sure the cords are rated for outdoor use, have a grounded, three-pronged plug, and are in good condition.
  • Never connect generators directly to your home’s wiring. The reverse flow of electricity can electrocute an unsuspecting utility worker or others that might come in contact with the power line. (The only safe way to connect a portable electric generator to your existing wiring is to have a licensed electrical contractor install a transfer switch. Contact MLEC for details.)
  • Never plug a generator into a household outlet.
  • Do not refuel a generator while it is running.
  • Turn off all equipment powered by the generator before shutting it down.
  • Keep children and pets away from generators.

MLEC urges anyone planning to install or use a generator to stop by their local MLEC office, or e-mail MLEC at for information on safe installation and operation standards. The material can save the life of your family members and others.

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