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Home Insulation Program

One of the biggest energy thieves in your home is inadequate insulation, and it affects the amount of your heating and cooling bills.

MLEC helps make insulation more affordable with its “HIP" program.

The Home Insulation Program or H.I.P. is designed by MLEC for MLEC members and reimburses half the installation / material costs ($500 maximum) of installing R38* insulation (blown-in type) in the attic. This includes insulation on the attic hatch.

*When combined, existing and new insulation should reach the R38 industry standard (around 12-14 inches deep.) 

Eligibility / Requirements:

• Rebate available to MLEC members only.
• Residential, single-dwelling homes only. (No apartment / duplex or commercial applications.)
• Insulation must be blown-in type (cellulose or fiberglass).
• Homes less than 12 months old are ineligible.
• Manufactured homes considered on case-by-case basis (due to attic space).
• Professional and “do-it-yourself” installations accepted (Both are subject to inspection).
• Member must complete an incentive form and supply an original receipt of purchase.
• Renter is eligible for incentive if they are the member AND owner affidavit is completed and signed by owner.
• Eligible for incentive within 90-days of date on purchase/installation receipt.
• For do-it-yourself installations, rebate applies to purchase costs only.
• Due to efficiency benefit level, R38 is the maximum R-value eligible for rebate.


Program subject to change and offered while funds are available.

If you’re interested in this program, contact MLEC’s Energy Specialist, Nathan Wagner.

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