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Rates & Fees

June 2018 Rate Schedule - June brings the TVA summer season rate and a decrease to the FCA.

May 2018 Rate Schedule

To learn more about seasonal rates: Click here for a review.  Looking for ways to save on energy? Check our "Ways to Save" for rebate information!

Rates are subject to a Tennessee Valley Authority Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA). This mechanism allows TVA to adjust rates up or down as fuel and purchased-power costs rise and fall. It affects the energy (per kilowatt-hour) charges for all customers. MLEC retains NONE of the revenue from the FCA; the entire amount goes to TVA.

Current Deposits and Partial Fee List

Residential: Deposit  $275.00, Meter fee  $25.00, Membership   $5.00

Prepay: Initial Start-Up Payment $50.00, Meter Fee $25.00, Membership $ 5.00

Contact your local office for additional fees and information. 


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