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Rates & Fees

April 2018 Rate Schedule - The per kilowatt-hour price for electricity will be lower in April 2018, for Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative members. The decrease comes as the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Fuel Cost Adjustment goes down, and the energy charge transitions from the winter price. 

March 2018 Rate Schedule

To learn more about seasonal rates: Click here for a review.  Looking for ways to save on energy? Check our "Ways to Save" for rebate information!

Rates are subject to a Tennessee Valley Authority Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA). This mechanism allows TVA to adjust rates up or down as fuel and purchased-power costs rise and fall. It affects the energy (per kilowatt-hour) charges for all customers. MLEC retains NONE of the revenue from the FCA; the entire amount goes to TVA.

Current Deposits and Partial Fee List

Residential: Deposit  $275.00, Meter fee  $25.00, Membership   $5.00

Prepay: Initial Start-Up Payment $50.00, Meter Fee $25.00, Membership $ 5.00

Contact your local office for additional fees and information. 


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