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Storm Safety

Trees on power lines can pull electrical equipment away from your home. The illustration below shows this equipment. The left side of the dotted line is MLEC’s responsibility to repair. The right side is your responsibility to work with an electrician to make repairs. The equipment that belongs to you has to be repaired before MLEC can restore electricity to your home. To have your home ready for power when it is restored to your area, you can take two very important steps.

1. Contact MLEC to disconnect the lines to your weatherhead. If you or an electrician touch the wires before the lines are disconnected by MLEC, the result could be deadly.

2. After MLEC has disconnected the wires, get an electrician to fix the weatherhead and your meter base. Then, when MLEC has made repairs in your area, you’ll be ready to be connected.


Should severe weather arrive, MLEC employees will be on alert to minimize and begin repairing any damage to the power system as quickly as possible. While MLEC makes proactive steps to prevent outages during severe weather, like right of way clearing and quality equipment and material, Mother Nature sometimes causes outages out of our control.

When those outages occur, rest assured that MLEC is working to restore electricity quickly. The key is to be prepared.


What should my family do?

  • Keep an outage kit. Example kit: flashlights, extra batteries, candles, canned foods, utensils, etc. 
  • Leave your freezer and refrigerator closed unless absolutely necessary. Food will stay frozen for several days if left undisturbed.
  • Turn off all appliances. Leave only one light on to let you know when power is restored.
  • Call MLEC to report an outage. If the lines are busy, your neighbors probably also are reporting the outage.


What can I do to help?

* Never try to move a downed line or the tree that has it pinned. Call MLEC immediately. Our linemen have the equipment and training to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.


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